Lenni Torgue Quintet

Line Up :

Lenni Torgue – Vibes

Leo Fumagalli – Saxophone

Arthur Tanguy – Flute

Yves Marcotte – Double Bass

Francois Christe – Drums

Pro section :



The Lenni Torgue Quintet offers a sparkling and percussive music. Inspired by the two Miles Davis’ quintets, by French impressionists and by Senegalese and Afro-Cuban drumming traditions, the compositions combine bewitching rhythms and limpid melodies. An original contemporary jazz, but first of all a thriving music with communicative energy!


Leo Fumagalli


Leo Fumagalli was born in Lausanne, Switzerland. He’s currently evolving with the French band Bada-Bada (saxophone/synth/guitar/voice), but also under his own project Atuin (prod/synth/voice/saxophone/guitar), the post metal band Mind Spun (saxophone), the Mathrock band In Fallow (guitar, vocal, synth) or the folk band Soleo (voice/guitar/synth).

Yves Marcotte


Musician, sound explorer, Yves Marcotte multiplies approaches and draws inspiration from all esthetics, with no boundaries. In the jazz tradition, he found a music intrinsically evolving and open to stylistic blends.
His projects revisit Monk’s music, explore the micro-tonal world, mix jazz and jamaican music, blur the frontier between rock, improvisation and outsider music. In these, Yves Marcotte assumes alternatively or at the same time the roles of bass player (acoustic or electric), arranger, composer and improviser.
He is also a very sought-after sideman for his tone and musical sensibility.


Arthur Tanguy


Seduced by creative improvised music from jazz and groove, Arthur started playing the flute in 2010. Through the various encounters along the way, opportunities will multiply to experiment with composition (Forgotten Woods sextet, AT quintet) or accompaniment as a sideman. A subtle melodist, Arthur favours playgrounds ranging from blue-tinged hip-hop to Latin music to cover the space with his aerial sound.

Francois Christe


Open minded and dedicated, François Christe has played in various settings and styles, developing his sensibility and freedom both as a drummer and as a musician/composer in the broader sense. These qualities make him a highly valuable sideman (Schwarz, Valentin Conus Quartet, AA Trio, Lenni Torgue Quintet, The Swinging Ladies, Jah Jazz Orchestra, Arthur Donnot 6tet, The Echoes of Django).

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© Lenni Torgue 2020 - RGPD
Conception site : To DiWhite